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About the Family

I would like to personally thank you for considering us as your local produce provider. Down below is a little bit of information about the family and where we sell. As this is a family business I welcome you to the family!

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About Our Family


Welcome to the family! You are being greeted by the founders David and Dawnna Berndt, along with their ten wonderful children, Jennifer and Jerod Colbert, Joshua and Emily Berndt, Jessica and Joshua Lutgen, Jacob and Heidi Berndt, Julia Berndt, and Junior Berndt.

We started this business in 2000 with hopes of bonding with our kids as they grew up. We wanted to watch them grow, and not miss any memories they made.

We originally started this business because David had some experience when he was younger, selling potatoes and eggs, with his brothers, to raise some extra spending money. Going off of that we started our own family business.

Where Are We Located?


Our farm is located south of White, South Dakota. ​We have multiple gardens along 478th Ave.

During the selling season, July-October, our produce is available at our manned stands in Watertown and Brookings. In Brookings we sell on the North end of the Econo Lodge Inn and Suites. In Watertown we sell by the Cowboy 2 store at the corner of Hwy 212 and Hwy 81.

During this same time we have five self-serve stands scattered throughout the Brookings County area.

The self-serve stands in Brookings are located in the Dales Alignment and  Runnings.

Our newest self-serve stand is located at the Dollar General at Lake Poinsett north of Arlington, SD.

We also have a self-serve stand in Volga is located west of the Casey's gas station.

Our last self-serve stand is located in the parking lot of Corner Gas and Goodies in White.

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As you know, we started this business in 2000, with our 5 kids, and just continued to grow from there. We now have 6 kids and 2 more who married into the family. In 2000 we started with 3 acres of land that we worked and grew vegetables in. As you can tell, it is no longer the year 2000, and we no longer have only 3 acres. We now have closer to 50 acres of vegetable land and it has been amazing! God is good! We have over 20 different kinds of pumpkins, and man it sure is fun to see some crossbreed while growing.

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