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CSA: Consumer Supported Agriculture

The CSA allows friends and customers to buy a share up front and invest in our farm at the beginning of the season. In return, you will receive the freshest produce straight from the source on a weekly basis. Each share includes seasonal items that are in their prime, your diet becomes a true farm to fork diet. This will give you the ability to experiment with a variety of vegetables. You will be able to pick and choose what you want each week: whether corn and potatoes, or all corn, or all green beans, or any vegetable you want, mix and match what fits into your menu. We have a lot to offer, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Check out our CSA Plans here! We look forward to sharing our bountiful produce with you all!

New News

Hey, can you sit down with me and grab a cup of coffee? We need to talk....

I know I've been distant lately because I have something to say to you and just don't know how to say it.

It's about the prices we charge at our produce stands. As a family, we've had a lot of talks about what to charge this year.

We really feel like we're all in a big boat and we're almost to the point of drowning with how prices of everything is rising. We're in this boat with you.

We decided to go out on a limb and offer some relief during this tough time of life. We decided we're Not going to raise prices this year except on peas and beans (they take a lot of work to get what you need).

So if we stand behind you to support you, can you please stand behind us to support us? We truly believe we can help each other -- and we're taking the first step.

What do you think? Can you share your thoughts with us?

On a related note, it's been three steps forward two steps back in the garden this year. I used to tell my kids, "It's hard....but not impossible ." We're looking to begin selling in Brookings and Watertown no later than August 1. (Maybe sooner, we'll keep you posted)

If you need to talk or text please contact Dawnna at 605-690-4522 and we'll figure things out together.

Thanks for believing in us!

PS and to our CSA family, we'll be creating a group shortly and explaining how we'll compensate for the delay in getting your produce to you.

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We are a family business surrounded in God's grace and blessings. We extend a warm welcome to you! BFP stands for Berndt Family Produce, just to clear up any confusion you may have.

Since 2000, Berndt Family Produce has grown fresh summer produce for much of eastern South Dakota. With our six children and some in laws, we are thankful to be engaged in our third generation of the Berndt Family.

If you would like to know who all is in the family, visit ABOUT BFP. If you found a funky looking vegetable and have no idea what it is, visit ID THAT VEGGIE. If you are looking for an opportunity to work in this family, visit our VISIT US page, and shoot us an email from there. Thank you for visiting our website, and feel free to look around.

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